Louise's Story

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Following the success of Rachael's Story, Li-Ve Tasmania wanted to continue the short, video series highlighting what makes their organisation unique.

Time was spent developing Louise's story to ensure there was a careful balance between showing professionalism that Li-Ve Tasmania embody, but it was also so hard to get away from what is truly a remarkable and bubbly relationship between Louise and Mon.

Beyond the support provided, both Louise and Monica's love for getting out and about both in the garden and within the local community was a key point to showcase.

We achieved this by spending a little more time with the duo and ventured down to the local shopping centre, sat in their usual spot and enjoyed some time doing what the two would normally do anyway.

We feel the final outcome of the video captures the bond between Louise and Monica, but also doesn't lose what's important in that due to Li-Ve's philosophies and values - Monica brings an exceptional degree of professionalism to her workplace.

As always, thanks again to Li-Ve Tasmania for the opportunity to help them share Louise's Story.


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