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Where do I get music for videography project?

November 1, 2019
by Dominic Anastasio

Backing music and sound effects play a big role in most videography projects, so I thought that I'd share where I get music from each commercial clip created here at Domin8 Media.

Having tried a few different platforms over the years and with many options out there these days, currently I'm using Soundstripe.

What I like about Sound

1. Curated playlists help narrow the search

The Soundstripe dashboard has a heap of regularly updated playlists that make finding songs easier. Each video tends to have a specific theme or vibe to it, so being able to jump to these playlists helps save time and narrow the options.

A great example of this is their wedding-tailored playlists, often sorted by folk or beautiful music depending on what tone you want to set for a particular video.

2. Expansive library with great sorting categories

If I do need to broaden my search or can't quite find what I'm after, the "Songs" tab up in the top menu displays all of the songs in their library. The columns down the left enable sorting by not only categories such as genre and instruments, but also mood as well. You can also combine two or more sorting options to really help dig down to specifics.

3. Easy downloads and licensing

Upon selecting a song, downloading and licensing is super easy.

Most songs have a variety of durations to choose from, although I often go for the full or 'primary' version and choose to edit these down myself.

Following this, you simply enter the project title and choose the use for the song - and then you're free to download and use it on that specific project.

4. Sound effects to suit

Sound effects are something I've recently been researching and implementing into my videography projects.

These help add further detail to a video, as well as another layer of conviction.

An unexpected surprise, and a reason why I now use Soundstripe primarily, is because of their huge sound effects library - again with great sorting options.

How much is Soundstripe?

You can visit to view their pricing tiers, however a subscription starts at $11.25p/m when billed annually (noting also this is in USD). We have a premium account, which is $21USD per month, but feel the sound effects and STEMS are worth it given our higher video output.

How do I sign up for Soundstripe?

Soundstripe is a great option for videography studios like myself, but also social media managers of businesses and organisations who are regularly making videos or explainers.

Domin8 Media can refer you to Soundstripe, by clicking and signing up here. This is our referral link and gives you 20% off your first payment with the platform.

If you've got any questions about music or how we use it in videos, please feel free to get in touch.

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