About Domin8 Media

Domin8 Media is a videography studio in Hobart, Tasmania, delivering professional videos at an affordable cost.

Domin8 Media was created to address the need for quality videography that didn't break the budget.

Working in the not-for-profit sector and with an interest in creating videos, Domin8 Media owner Dominic saw a discrepancy between the benefits of videography and the cost associated with producing a professional video.

Domin8 Media was created to enable smaller businesses, organisations, causes and people to benefit from high quality videography with a more relaxed and affordable approach.

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We keep the process simple and low stress.

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Our videos are high quality, but not sterile.

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We don't aim to reinvent the wheel.

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Dominic helps in the process.

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Our outcomes a tailored and unique.

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We capture a human element.

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More meeting goals, less ego.

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Fill a gap - quality, without the huge cost.

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Meet Dominic

Domin8 Media is run by Hobart local Dominic Anastasio.

Along with videography, Dominic runs website and graphic design business Domin8 Designs.

Dominic has interests in track and field, photography and all things technology.